Proteus – A Missing Piece of Memory

Theater Am Lend, Graz

Together with a choir of seniors, a piece has been found that was lost somewhere: a satyr play, the lost fourth part of the Oresteia. With this reconstruction, the author Christian Winkler creates a memory image out of concrete stories from the choir members and deals with topics such as guilt, resistance, love and death. A connection between personal and worldly past – present and future is created – humorous, sad and touching

Regie, Concept und Video: Franz von Strolchen
Text: Christian Winkler
Stage/Costume design: Markus Boxler
Video-production: Vincent Seidl (HENX)
Regieassistent/Abendspielleitung: Julia Herrgesell
Actor: Florian Tröbinger
Choirmanagement : Madeleine Lissy
Choir: Ingeborg Paß-Kosmath, Susanna Rupp, Annemarie Tisch, Christine Benischke, Martin Fuchs, Eveline Rieger, Margarete Kostka, Corinja Hein, Martin Gasparics, Bibi Reinhardt, Otto Neumeier
A production of Theater am Lend
Program manager: Edith Draxl