Proteus – A Missing Piece of Memory workshop

Theater Am Lend, Graz

Since October 2019, a group of twelve senior citizens have met every 14 days under the direction of Madeleine Lissy. The meetings always started with dance- and theater pedagogical exercises, followed by discussions initiated by topics of the lost satyr play. The talks were about rebellion, love, school experiences, awakening sexuality and war, etc. These conversations have been recorded and sent to Christian Winkler who, in response to these recordings, developed the text of the play, which again was read and discussed by the group. In summer 2020 it was time to rehearse or rather prepare for the rehearsal of the play. Madeleine Lissy continued to accompany the group’s work on a regular basis. Then the working process of the films, which were needed for the performance (as a result of the Corona situation), started. The next step was the performance itself in which the group was significantly involved followed by the work for digitalization. The workshop group connected strongly within the group and will continue to work together.