Electra 2.0

Pathos Theater, Munchen

inspired by the first part of Aeschylus’ Oresteia AGAMEMNON
A transgenerational choral work

The Oresteia is one of the fundamental texts of European dramatic literature and deals with terrible events that bring guilt and curse upon the house of Atreus. Agamemnon kills his daughter Iphigenia on the way to Troy to make the gods favorable to his war campaign. Upon his return, his wife Clytemnestra kills him and his war booty Cassandra in revenge.

16. & 17. December 2019
PATHOS, Dachauer Straße 110d, 80636 Munich, Germany

  • By and with:

    Claire Bauer, Elsa Berninger Daniel Bucher, Ingeborg Delhey, Simon Everke, Kathrin Deltgen, Tina Hausmaninger, Charlotte Köhne, Monika and Walter Merl, Kirsten Salzer-Wilkie, Ingrid Schneider, Rosemarie Schön, Karin Schwenk-Wolfrum, Ruth Obermayer, Jakob van Oiijen, / Barbara Balsei, Astrid Behrens, Angelika Fink, Katja Kettner, Joe Masi, Essi Utriainen

    ELEKTRA2.0 is a cooperation of PATHOS München with the Wittelsbacher Gymnasium and the Seniorenbörse in Munich. We would like to thank Kirsten Salzer-Wilkie, head of Seniorenbörse, as well as Fabian Burkes and Jutta Görlich from Wittelsbacher Gymnasium.