Beneath The City

Birmingham Repertory Theatre

16 – 28 january 2020

Shey’s brother William died in prison, and no-one will tell her the truth about how. Aided by the ancient spirits of revenge, the terrifying Furies, she takes on the people and the systems responsible for her brother’s death. As she seeks justice, she must decide how far up the chain of command guilt lies, and how to challenge power to end a cycle of violence.
Masters of interactive theatre, Upstart Theatre present a modern-day reimagining of the ancient Greek tragedy, The Oresteia. The audience are invited to help determine where the line is between justice and revenge, in this thrilling new show made with a Citizen Chorus featuring performers from the REP’s Adult Drama Company, Young REP members, and others from across Birmingham and beyond.


Shey Clarke | Nicole Sawyerr
Prison Officer, Vice President & Politician | Rochi Rampal

The Citizen Chorus | Denise Norton, Despina Kourla, Eddie Nelson, Edward Beidas, Edwina Turner, Eleanor Lawson, Emma Bangham, Gordon Elcock, Jan Lane, Jane Winder, John Flynn, Kerry Frater, Linda Hisgett, Melanie Distin, Michelle Rafferty, Niamh Elcock, Peter Harrison, Sharon Walcott & Toqueer Quyyam.

With thanks to | The entire team at Birmingham REP especially Alex Summers, Steve Ball, Tomas Wright, Diandra McCalla, everyone at the Library of Birmingham, and all of our workshop participants: Alfanso May, Amar Singh, Andy King, Anne Cabezas, Callum Elcock, Claudette Dawson, Izaan Iftikhar, Jennifer Mayo, Jessica Phillips, Jordan Mackenzie, Mark Rhind-Tutt, Marlon Watkis, Shawn Peach.


    Director | Tom Mansfield
    Dramaturg | Zodwa Nyoni
    Designer | Astrid Behrens
    Associate Designer | Claire Browne
    Lighting Designer | Sherry Coenen
    Sound Designer | Duncan Grimley
    Movement Director | Lucy Wild
    Stage Manager | Emily Davies
    Lighting Programmer | Alex Boucher
    Technical Support | Clive Meldrum, Dan Hoole & Dee Smith
    Producer | Hannah Tookey
    Executive Producer | Emma Sampson