Festival “Democracy 2.0” // DAY 1 – 17. Feb. 2021 // Programme

5.30 pm // Opening Talk
International Co-production: Solidarity is our survival kit
Artistic managing team of the Chorus Project

7pm // Lecture
Unheared voices – rewriting the history
Katja Kettner

8pm // digital premiere / Tickets
A film essay in four acts – road movie of the memory of theater // Team Agamemnon, PATHOS Munich

following TALK
a queer feminist perspective Q&A with:
Angelika Fink, Katja Kettner, Astrid Behrens, Barbara Balsei, Joe Masi, Katrin Deltgen, Ines Hollinger, Anastasia Papadopoulou, Caglar Yigitogullari
Moderation: Elsa Büsing // Team Munich

5.30 pm // TALK (free)
International Co-production: Solidarity is our survival kit

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How does collaboration succeed? How do we find a common language, common processes, how can we simultaneously respect the different artistic perspectives and personal situations, even use them?
The artistic management team of the CHORUS PROJECT discusses what role European values such as solidarity, cosmopolitanism and trust play in this kind of artistic cooperation and whether and how the virus has had an influence.

Talk with
Edith Draxl (AT)
Theater am Lend
Angelika Fink (DE)
artistic director & performer
Tom Mansfield (UK)
artistic director upstart theatre
Ivica Dimitrijevic (MK)
artistic director & performer

7pm // Lecture Performance (free)
Unheared voices – rewriting the history
Katja Kettner (DE)

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Who has no text is probably not present. Whoever does not speak will not have been there for anyone. Whoever does not raise the voice will not become part of history- Nothing is not nothing when we will begin to speak. The lecture performance addresses the unsaid, unheard, unwritten stories of history. A queer feminist insight.

8pm // digital premiere
A film essay in four acts – road movie of the memory of theater // Team Agamemnon, PATHOS Munich

IT’S A JOURNEY looks back from the end to the beginning of the three-year international artistic cooperation THE CHORUS Project 2018 -2021.

What is and can the chorus be today?

How does it fan out anew in a globalised society preoccupied with great upheavals? How do the intellectual voices of the past transform into a contemporary interpretation of previously unheard voices?
Direct contact, the stage as a medium and socio-political place of negotiation is missing. The murmuring of the audience before it gets dark and the endless discussions after the performance are memories of a seemingly long-gone time.

We are in digital space.

IT’S A JOURNEY 2018-2021 is a tale of farewell and new beginnings, of the multidimensional beauty of the ephemeral.

Clytemnestra, Electra, Cassandra, Iphigenia and the Watcher are the queer-feminist heroines of the story in the departure of outdated structures and their artistic reordering in digital space.

From collected research material from the journeys, rehearsals and performances with the international project partners from Munich Skopje, London and Graz, from performative ventures and experiences, tested in Zoom meetings during the lockdowns and in the workshops with young people and senior citizens, an image and sound document of the overwriting of the 2500-year-old text material of Aeschylus’ Oresteia is created.

Every journey comes to an end at some point. IT’S A JOURNEY invites the audience to a road movie of intuitive memories of theatre.

Concept, editing, music, composition and visual design:
Astrid Behrens, Angelika Fink, Joe Masi, Essi Utrainen.

With the participating artists of The Chorus Projekt and excerpts from the productions Electra 2.0 (2019) and Agamemnon – a queer feministic visual poem (2020) at Pathos Munich.

As well as with participating senior citizens of the Seniorenbörse München and pupils of the 9th grade of the Wittelsbacher Gymnasium Munich. (Electra 2.0 Workshops 2019)

Duration: 40 min

a production of PATHOS Munich